Requiem, 2006

A series of monotypes with collage, composed of 10 sheets of Japanese paper disposed side by side.

The images of this work were elaborated by means of monotype with carbon paper, collage and drawing with oily pastel.

Each sheet of the series presents three images: one in monotype, with figurative drawings; one in collage, with cuttings in sheets of origami Japanese paper, and one with drawings of trees, in oily white pastel.

Text by Ana Luisa Lima


Requiem is a visual poem. That which Cecília Meireles is capable of telling us with words, Teresa speaks about family loss and memory with images. They are letters that must be noticed before being read. Poetry runs through small vessels, arteries and veins until it becomes anything one can say with words.

The ten letters almost seem instances of her memory: there is an abstract part; another one figurative, almost vanishing; and still, one that leaps clearly, with free and identifiable elements. This is the delicate construction of a beautiful metaphor. It is her grandmother`s presence there, enmeshed.

The legacy of an existence that was incorporated.

(… )