Paintings and Objects, 2001

(…) It all began with a woman. When she picked up the forbidden fruit and tasted it, she planted evil on earth but, at the same time, she sowed a great good: art, the possibility of materializing internal visions, experiencing a time out of time. With her transgressive act, woman created the feminine, a mysterious place opposites reconcile, mainly the sacred and the profane, the spiritual and the material.

Teresa Berlinck`s work discusses all those things. A carefully pruned tree, loaded with fruit-flowers, evokes art`s generating act, in which a mental image is summed up into a tangible object. That, however, doesn`t happen just metaphorically, because the two-dimensional object on the screen Teresa Berlinck captures images that consolidate, invading the observer`s space and amazing him or her with its almost magic three-dimensionality. The power of the symbols articulated in the images proposed by the artist is, thus, intensified by the objects` materiality and literality. There is no paradox, but femininity…

Magnólia Costa

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