Cultural Kitchen, 2007

A collaborative work with the public, on the Internet and at the show VERBO 2007, a performance festival organized by Galeria Vermelho and Agência VERBO.

With the original idea of forming a work of art based on collaboration, the blog was created. The exchanges that happened on the Internet during the 70 days that preceded the show have defined participations, recipes, narratives, and an agenda of guests to perform and prepare food at the festival. At VERBO 2007 an installation/kitchen with recipes, ingredients and utensils offered by the public, colleagues and friends was presented.

Cultural Kitchen is part of a series of collaborative projects that have as a common goal to share the experience of making art. The proposition of the collective kitchen emerges the aggregating power of this space, and intends to activate the personal exchanges that may happen in life around the stove and the table.

day 1. Indian food, by Bia Abramo

day 2. Savage lasagna, by Duilio Ferronato

day 3. Oriental barbecue, by Raphael Franco, and Project Apartment, Banana Puddim, by Miki W

day 4. Kneaded dough, by Lucia Rosa, and Apéritifs Culturels, by Antoine Poncet

day 5. Children’s kitchen

day 6 . Pa amb Tomàquet, by Gustavo Ribeiro, and Kandahar Butterflies, by Bel Berlinck