Almost Pause, 2010

A work elaborated during artistic residence at Espaço Enquanto, São Paulo, December 2009-March 2010.

The history and the architecture of the building and of São Paulo`s central area, as well as the movement of trade, businesses and homeless people around the space have defined the starting point for the work.

The installation Almost Pause was built the disintegration and re-issuing of inherited books. Understood and operated as the reprinting of a small library, the work was constituted by means of associations and relationships among:

– themes and content of the used books, their form, graphic design, colors and affective meanings;

– objects and materials found in the building`s disabled floor;

– the notion of the European influence, found both in the building`s architecture and in the area as observed in the books used here and in my own formation and artistic references.

Such influences are for me understood as part of the inhabitants` identity and of the place the work occurs: the central area of the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

Teresa Berlinck